Weeping Willow Farm 

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Welcome to Weeping Willow Farm!

We are a small farm located in Southern PA focused on breeding quality Shetlands that come in miniature sizes. We try to focus on loud, colorful pintos with super conformation that can be a stand out in any ring you choose. All of our stallions and mares come from proven pinto lines, pinto producers, or are loud pintos themselves so you know perfection can come in a gorgeous wrapper! But color is NOT our TRUE focus - conformation first and foremost is the most important aspect of our program.

All of our horses have proven themselves in the show ring - many winning grands consistently, and have winning offspring in the ring following their foot steps. 

On top of proven show records, all of our horses boost some of the best bloodlines in the industry today with many Hall Of Fame horses up close in the breeding - some of our horses being Hall of Famed themselves! We have lines such as Unique Legend, Rock-E, SMHC Painted Freedom, King Lee, and so many more greats it's too many to list! All of these can be found within the first few generations, so you know you're getting quality just by looking at the pedigrees! 

We strive to produce the best all around horse for your individual goals; whether it be in the show ring or a working therapy horse, we know we will have what you would need in a perfect package. We only offer a few foals a year since we focus on quality breeding and not quantity. You know when purchasing a Weeping Willow Farm foal that you are getting a foal that has had the best start we can offer. The perks of only having a hand full of foals is that each one gets the individual attention they all deserve. 

Since we do only offer small number of foals, please contact me ahead of time if interested in being put on a waiting list for future foals by your favorite cross! Please keep an eye on our foals page so you don't miss your dream horse! 

To produce Champions, one needs to start with Champions, and here we have started with the best to produce the best for you!


Please contact us directly at: [email protected]